Friday • January 19, 2024  DOUBLE FEATURE


7:30 PM

WORLD PREMIERE FNF RESTORATION!  NOIR CITY is proud to present a new FNF restoration of this duo of suspense stories from the pen of Cornell Woolrich. Originally a three-part anthology of his tales, Never Open That Door was released separately from If I Should Die Before I Wake, also adapted by C. H. Christensen. Highlighted by the incredible cinematography of Pablo Tabernero, it features masterful sequences of spine-tingling suspense. Critic Horacio Bernades declared, "Rarely has an Argentine film been more purely cinematic than this." In Spanish with English subtitles

ARGENTINA (1952) Dir. Carlos Hugo Christensen. 85 min.


9:30 PM

The first case of amnesia in the classic noir era comes with a Woolrichian twist. Frank Thompson (Burgess Meredith) survives an accident only to have the shock restore his memory! He learns he's been living the past several years as someone else! With his incredulous girlfriend Ruth (Claire Trevor), Frank embarks on a nocturnal quest to determine his true identity. A "B" offering that benefits from some A-list contributors, principally director of photography Theodor Sparkuhl, a less-heralded master of noir imagery.

UNITED STATES (1942) Dir. Jack Hively. 74 min.

Saturday Matinée • January 20DOUBLE FEATURE


1:30 PM

Cops William Holden and Barry Fitzgerald race to foil a kidnapping plot in Chicago's Union Station. The film packs a double-feature's worth of thrills into its brief running time, including some brutality decades ahead of its time. Ace crime scenarist Sydney Boehm keeps the plot humming like a runaway train and director (and renowned cinematographer) Rudolph Maté makes the ride more vivid through use of actual locations. Costarring Nancy (Sunset Blvd.) Olson and a terrifying Lyle Bettger.

UNITED STATES (1950) Dir. Rudolph Maté. 80 min.


3:30 PM

A newspaper hawker (played by the director himself) at the eponymous train depot develops a frightening obsession with a sexy lemonade vendor. That's the premise for a suspenseful drama which cunningly uses the bustling station to depict clashing strata of Egyptian society. Chahine's combination of gritty authenticity and psychosexual Expressionism created a landmark of Egyptian cinema—despite public boycotts over its unflinching perversity and politics. Costar Hind Rustum was nicknamed "The Arab Marilyn Monroe." In Arabic with English subtitles

EGYPT (1958) Dir. Youssef Chahine. 77 min.

Saturday Evening • January 20DOUBLE FEATURE


7:00 PM

This intense manhunt thriller won the inaugural "Best Film" prize from the British Academy of Film Awards, and it remains one of the most highly regarded movies ever made in the United Kingdom. James Mason plays fugitive Irish Nationalist Johnny McQueen, roped into a heist that goes fatally wrong. Can Johnny navigate his way safely through a nocturnal nightmare of danger and deceit? Robert Krasker's cinematography is as good as his legendary work with Reed on The Third Man. An all-time classic!

UNITED KINGDOM (1947) Dir. Carol Reed. 116 min.

Victimas del pecado


9:30 PM

NEW 4K RESTORATION  A film that virtually leaps off the screen. The music, the characters, the confrontations, the emotions—all boil over the top in this uniquely Mexican version of noir dubbed rumberas. Sexy Ninón Sevilla dances up a storm in a club featuring some of Latin America's top performers—Pérez Prado, Rita Montaner and Pedro Vargas—all while dodging a vicious pimp, defying her boss, and rescuing an abandoned baby from the trash. As André Breton is reputed to have said, "In Europe we talk about surrealism, in Mexico they live it every day." In Spanish with English subtitles

MEXICO (1951) Dir. Emilio Fernández. 90 min.

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