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NOIR CITY 16 - January 26-February 4, 2018 - Castro Theatre


The full line-up for NOIR CITY 17, January 2—February 3, 2019, will be announced at NOIR CITY Xmas, December 19. Both events will take place at San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre. NOIR CITY Xmas will also feature the unveiling of the official NOIR CITY 17 poster. Plus, for your holiday shopping pleasure, NOIR CITY 17 Passports (all-access festival passes) will be available for sale at NOIR CITY Xmas — just visit the FNF's merchandise table on the Castro mezzanine! FNF founder and president Eddie Muller will be your guide through the dark alley ways of NOIR CITY.

Can't make it to the Castro that night? You will be able to see the schedule, program notes and buy tickets and Passports (full series passes) here on our website the same night!

NOIR CITY 2018 Returned Audiences to the Golden Age of Film Noir

NOIR CITY made a victorious return to its home at the historic Castro Theatre January 26–February with its largest audience yet, selling out the 1400 seat movie palace on multiple nights. "Film Noir from A to B" took audiences back in time with a program of 12 genuine "A" and "B" double bills, spanning the breadth of the original film noir era, 1941 to 1953. The festival presented 24 classic noirs as they were experienced on their original release, pairing a top-tier studio "A" with a shorter, low-budget second feature, or "B" film. All but one of the films were presented in glorious 35mm.

As always, NOIR CITY producer and FNF founder and president Eddie Muller guided attendees through the blind alleys of NOIR CITY. But he wasn't all alone. Victor Mature's daughter Victoria Mature joined the Czar of Noir on opening night to introduce H. Bruce Humberstone's I Wake Up Screaming (1941), starring her father and Betty Grable. Victoria surprised the crowd with an impromptu rendition of Street Scene while discussing the film's score. As usual the current Ms. NOIR CITY, Annabelle Zakaluk, also joined Eddie on stage during the festival's evening performances. On January 31, Michael Curtiz - A Life in Film, author and FNF board member Alan K. Rode introduced Curtiz' The Unsuspected (1947). The FNF's latest restoration "re-premiered" on Saturday night, February 3—The Man Who Cheated Himself, an independently made noir thriller from 1950 shot on location in San Francisco.

Thanks to the generosity of NOIR CITY patrons and FNF donors, the Foundation was able to fully fund the restoration of this film. Prior to the screening, festival host Muller announced the recipient of this year's $5,000 FNF/Nancy Mysel Legacy Grant—Shahed Dowlatshahi of New York University's Masters of Arts in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program. A heart-felt acceptance video by Mr. Dowlatshahi screened for the San Francisco audience directly after the announcement.

NOIR CITY then took its show on the road with NOIR CITY satellite festivals in Denver, Hollywood, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. We look forward to seeing you again next year for NOIR CITY 17, January 25—February 3, 2019, at the Castro Theatre and at our satellite fests too!

2018 NOIR CITY 16 Trailer by Serena Bramble

All you need to know about the NOIR CITY Film Festival enjoy!

NOIR CITY photos by Dennis Hearne. GO HERE for ongoing 2018 NC 16 coverage on Facebook. There's additional pictorial coverage on The Film Noir Foundation's Instagram page.


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LATEST ADD After a screening of Farewell My Lovely (1975), actor Jack O'Halloran discussed his life and career with producer/host Alan K. Rode at the 2018 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival. The former heavyweight boxing contender regaled the opening night audience with stories about co-star Robert Mitchum, his adventures in Hollywood and his colorful family lineage. WATCH


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NOIR CITY D.C: October 12-25, 2018
NOIR CITY Xmas (San Francisco): Dec 19
NOIR CITY 17 (San Francisco): Jan 25-Feb 3, 2019
NOIR CITY Seattle: Feb 15-21, 2019
NOIR CITY Hollywood: Mar 29-Apr 7, 2019
NOIR CITY Austin: May 17-19, 2019
NOIR CITY Boston: Jun 7-9, 2019: Dec. 19, 2019


Film Noir Foundation - Restoration


The FNF funded 35mm restoration of The Man Who Cheated Himself, had its world premiere in San Francisco at NOIR CITY 16 in January 2018, fittingly as the film was shot on location in the City by the Bay. The Felix Feist-directed feature, which concerns a cop entangled with a cunning socialite who murders her husband, played the NOIR CITY festival circuit throughout 2018.

The only existing 35mm print of the independently made noir thriller from 1950 was screened last April as part of the annual NOIR CITY: Hollywood festival at the Egyptian Theatre. It was apparent that "vinegar syndrome" had afflicted the print since its previous screening at a NOIR CITY festival in 2006. "We realized we needed to do something immediately," said FNF president Eddie Muller. "I mean, this is Lee J. Cobb's only starring role, and the one time Jane Wyatt played a femme fatale. Can't lose that."

20th Century-Fox, the film's original distributor, provided an original fine-grain from its vault as the essential restoration element, and UCLA's Head of Restoration, Scott MacQueen, oversaw the project—which for the first time includes restoration of the film's original trailer, as well. The Felix Feist-directed feature, which concerns a cop entangled with a cunning socialite who murders her husband, will play the NOIR CITY circuit in 2018.

A June 23, 2018 screening of the film on TCM's Noir Alley hosted by Muller, was followed by Flicker Alley's DVD/Blu-ray combo of the film on Blu-ray with special features produced by the FNF. You can buy your own copy directly from Flicker Alley here. In addition to The Man Who Cheated Himself, NOIR CITY patrons and FNF donors have made it possible over the years for the FNF to restore Los tallos amargos (1956), Cry Danger (1951), The Prowler (1951), Try and Get Me! (1951), Repeat Performance (1947), High Tide (1947), Too Late for Tears (1949), The Guilty (1947) and Woman on the Run (1950), as well as funding our many 35mm preservations. DONATE HERE and be a film noir savior.

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NOIR CITY Screenings

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